Molded pulp, molded fiber

The main business activity of TRIDAS, s.r.o. is production of packages and packaging materials. Packages are made by moulded pulp technology that uses waste paper as the feed material. Packages made by this technology are compact and flexible. The moulded pulp can be shaped to almost any 3D form.


Products made of moulded pulp are primarily utilized for protection of packaged goods against impacts and shocks. Their low weight, good storage life and very favourable price rank among indisputable advantages. The design of each of our products is specially designed right in 3D visualization so that the most optimal deformation zones and three-dimensional rigidity can be reached. The ecological package made of moulded pulp is a fully recyclable package.


The moulding made of moulded pulp can be subsequently modified namely by hot repressing, cutting out, printing or by pasting. These additional operations provide better visual attractiveness of the package which can often be used itself for the presentation of the packaged product.


Moulded pulp is made of 100% recyclable feed material and the moulded pulp itself is 100% recyclable. Moulded pulp, as one of few packaging materials, meets the definition of an ecological and sustainable package without any conditions.